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Health Care in Belize

The health care system in Belize is not state of the art although they have clinics and doctors in the major towns and cities that can handle emergencies. Most of the foreigners that live in Belize have the option of going to Mexico which is just to the North in the Yucatan, to Guatemala City or Antigua in nearby Guatemala where medical facilities have state of the art equipment. Along with better overall health care, both Mexico and Guatemala also have lower prices.

For general health care however, Belize is less expensive and a doctor’s appointment usually costs only a few dollars while a hospital stay could cost you $20-$25 per day.

It's best to not get sick in Belize, or anywhere for that matter. Medical care the world over is no longer of a quality that cure's are offered, merely treatment of symptoms. To really find a cure for what ails you, you will have to utilize plant medicine, that is, herbal and natureopathic medicines. Medical doctors seem to be able to remove a bullet, stich up a wound, and keep you alive after a car crash, but Western Medicine is at a complete loss when it comes to curing such epidemics as cancer, aids and the common cold. Sometimes i think that Doctors are just sales representatives of the big drug companies.